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Donating to Gospel Lane Ministries.

If you have enjoyed the sight and would like to help the ongoing effort of Gospel Lane Ministries your donation would certainly help. We are working to obtain our non-profit status, but currently the effort is funded by Night Sky, Inc. You contribution to Night Sky, Inc. would be used to fund the overall ministry efforts of three segments of ministry that are explained below.

www.gospellaneministries.com This is the consulting side of the business in which we are working to help Independent Evangelical Christian Churches with their administrative and growth needs for their church. Although much of this can be assisted by the Christian eSource website, Gospel Lane Ministries adds a more personal hands on approach to helping Churches at their request.

www.christianesource.com This is a database directory that is being designed and improved to put Christian ministry and business efforts in touch with each other. The directory will consist of a complete listing of Churches, Schools, Day Care, Radio Stations, Christian Artists, Venues, Consultants, Service Companies, and other ministry efforts. This is expected to be the largest database on the internet of Christian resources and will be available free of charge for the world to enjoy. The primary goal of the database will be to make each ministry effort more effective because the help that is needed is just a few clicks away.

www.bobmorter.com This is the music ministry side of Night Sky, Inc. and its founder Bob Morter. A large investment is has been made in recording the first CD and in the equipment that is needed to give the music that little twinkle that makes it pleasurable. The music is used to minister in venues that both would not normally be exposed to the Christian message along with other venues that are well aware of the Gospel.

Well now you know what Night Sky, Inc. is all about. In addition to this there is some secular business consulting that is being done to pay for the current expenses. But the secular business consulting will be phased out as the financing for the ministry is increased. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please mail you donation to:        

                                                                    Night Sky, Inc.

                                                                    PO Box 944

                                                                    Newberg, OR 97132


Send mail to info@gospellaneministries.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 11/09/06