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Products are offered by Gospel Lane Ministries to help support the ongoing Ministry effort. The mission of GLM is to continue to work to build the Kingdom of God and I continue to pray that you will support the product offering that will give you real value and help the Ministry Grow!

Bookstore - Spread the Word Bookstores are offered for ministry efforts to help direct profits back into the ministry for Christian books and music. Gospel Lane Ministries encourages you to purchase your materials from our bookstore, where you will find great values on your purchases and you will be supporting the ministry.

Music Store - Buy CD's from your favorite Christian Artist and help support Gospel Lane Ministries.

CD Sales - Bob Morter, Gospel Lane Ministry founder, continues to work with his music ministry. You can purchase a copy of his latest CD here.

Telephone Service - Now you can save on your regular telephone by signing up with Gospel Lane Ministries and Night Sky to have your phone bills run through Christian phone services. You will save money and you will be donating to the Ministry efforts of Gospel Lane Ministries with your subscription.

VOIP Telephone Service - You can save a great deal on your long distance telephone service by using the Gospel Lane Ministries telephone services. You can have a Voice Over IP, or internet phone number for much less than you are paying the local phone company. Sure this is new technology but it growing with reliability and will certainly put some more money into your pocket or the pockets of your Church.













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